SHE'S MY WAIFU ! (at last, a chance to use that stupid sentence, lol)

We’re spoiled, another day with a share built upon an original scenario :)

A tsundere-type girl, in love with her childhood friend but (obviously) treating him like crap, because he’s got a dolls fetish, wakes up to discover she has become doll-sized and has been relocated to that boy’s dolls shed. As the scenario develops, we’ve got sexy comedy bits revolving around her, her childhood friend, and another girl who’s possibly even more of a dolls and manganime maniac than the boy.

Half of the sexy time we see her doll-size (with a strong comedy note), the other half of the sexy time we see her sexual dreams with a normal-sized version of her (and, don’t worry, we also enjoy her having sex “normally”, haha ^^). The sex is standard stuff, nothing weird or extreme, but take it as ecchi more than hentai, here be no detailed genitalia !
The scenario won’t leave me with an everlasting impression, but it still felt good, adding pleasure to the reading experience, I liked it a lot :)
I have no idea who translated it, but, GREAT, and thank youuuu ! ^^

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