Exhibition sex can be good, indeed :3

Here are 2 nice short mangas by the very nice artist Shunjyo Susuke. Describing his style isn’t easy, the girls can change, they’re always cheerful and deeply into sex, never forced, always cumming, with hypnotizing eyes (I hope you can meet a girl like that, you’re kissing her before you realize it !) and the drawings are very close to being uncensored, while the scenario plays with the forbidden stuff in a pleasant way.

That’s enough to please me, I hope you’ll like it too :)

By Shunjyo Susuke, I also share the exceptional (really !) manga The Earnest Captive [English, 212 pictures], really, don’t miss that one :twisted:

Read the rest of : 2 short works by Shunjyo Susuke [English, almost entirely uncensored, 50 pictures] : Teasing Minuet + Their Secret Conference (88 words)