I believe biblic texts describe angels as being being sex-less, it's good nobody gives a fuck about the bible, heh ?

With my thanks to Biribiri, commissioned by Omega999 and helped by Riftgarret, Len and Afro Thunda (Afro, if you read this, how many dozens of scanlators are you helping out there ?!? You rule :D ), here is a manga I took a long time to share because of its relatively large loli contents : 3 Angels Short. On second thought, because a second volume is coming as soon as I type a bit of text, copy-paste some links and click my “publish” button, I decided it’s finally worth sharing :lol:

3 Angels Short contains a surprising and interesting scenario (a bit confusing, but still, with a really commendable effort and a visible ambition offering value added and some laughs), some humour traits catching the reader by surprise, and good sex :)
The drawings could have been better (they ARE, in the volume 2), but still, seeing cute girls assfucked, having vaginal and oral sex, with a bit of tittyfuck, heck, I can’t imagine myself complaining :twisted:

The volume 2 is here, friendly reminder :)

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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english hentai english hentai english hentai