RHA YES ! Graphically, this second volume was MUCH better :)

And here’s the second Angels Short volume, called 3 Angels Short Full Passion, may Biribiri, GjustG, Afro Thunda, Len and Zetsu be exempted from taxes during the next 102 years :D

Graphically, this volume is MUCH better than the previous volume (link), in all regards. Even less censorship (and the volume 1 contained little already), more arousing ecstatic faces, more detailed “gynecologic” drawings, maybe a better control of gray shades :)
The scenario evolves a lot, in a more “serious” line, easy to follow, however leading to a bit of hentai rape and of tentacles in one chapter – was it the price for a good scenario ? The ending will let you wanting MORE (at least, I did), but so far nothing more is published, you’ll have to be patient !
And, save the hentai rape and tent part around the end, this is heavenly happy sex with lots of good feelings, don’t miss the pages 71-86, they were simply fantastic ! :shock:

Two bonuses, a neurons mass slaughterer, and a wet T-shirt of death :)

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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english hentai english hentai english hentai english hentai

Please, don’t miss one of the best wet T-shirts I’ve seen in a long time, coming from one of the best hentai chapters I’ve read in a long time to make it better :)

Here’s the link :)

And, second bonus, a picture that left me with a gaping mouth and neurons dying all alone, telling that picture made a strong impression on me is far beyond what I felt :shock:

The death of a million neurons. At least.