For… particular… reasons (first, I don’t know which reasons, second, this is not my business), Xamayon (from, why not give them a visit ?) has asked me to share stuff for his group. These are raws (untranslated Japanese scans) of 3 works by the great artist Takayaki.
These works come from Comicket 82nd Edition, the magazines Comic Hotmilk of august 2012, and Comic Kairakuten XTC volume 1.
So, there you are, I’m sharing them :)

These are super-duper-über large files, the raws aren’t resized, recompressed or edited, mind you. If you want to see what they’re like, I batch resized the pics (and, gee, it was a very close shave, the image batch resizing almost ended after the zip upload process itself ended, for heaven’s sake ¬_¬ !) and made an online pictures gallery.

Enjoy if this is to your taste, make it a scanlation project if you wish, do as you like ! :o

Open the Complete Pictures Gallery (or the backup gallery)

From Comicket 82nd Edition (502 MB)
Zip : link #1 – or – link #2 – or – link #3

From Comic Hotmilk August 2012 (625 MB)
Zip : link #1 – or – link #2 – or – link #3

From Comic Kairakuten XTC Vol 1 (306 MB only, wheee)
Zip : link #1 – or – link #2 – or – link #3