A kind visitor called Warlord Kentax informed me that an online hentai store serving occidental countries, RightStuf, is offering at the present time a 30% discount on all the Icarus Comics. If you don’t know Icarus, they’re the most awesome hentai publishing house for us, they release english-translated and uncensored versions of the best hentai mangas there is, for instance my most beloved Aqua Bless, by Yamatogawa.

Icarus only ships stuff in the USA, while RightStuf will ship it to you wherever you live.
If you feel gratitude towards the hentai artists, and you seek an opportunity to thank them by purchasing their work, I think that would be a nice occasion to do so :)

Click here to view the details of that offer
It only lasts until the 29th of april !
It’s a genuine good link, there is no hidden referral link inside to earn me bucks ;)

Good offer :)