We’re now the second of April 2010 (at least in my time zone), so I may as well make the precision in case it is needed : my toddlercon, guro and bizarre shares of yesterday were indeed just an April’s fools joke. I’m not planning to share it in the future and – please don’t cause me problems – the archives were fakes too, obviously :)

I apologize for those of you who ranted because they wasted their time downloading archives not containing sick contents but cute pictures of various fish species…

I’m also sorry I deleted the comments when there were persons willing to share links to the actual toddlercon/guro/bizarre contents. I don’t think this could cause me problems (these are just drawings, after all), but I’d still rather be careful with extreme contents, you never know.

I should make more hoaxes of that kind, lol, in 24 hours : Death Panda was downloaded 2657 times, Rori Ana Little Anal Collection was downloaded 3420 times, and Pet Dog Protection Week was downloaded 1987 times. For fuck’s sake, look at those stratospheric stats !! :shock: