I occasionally submit posts in which I ask for help, like my “manga reading recommendations“, or my recent “help with Mac disks not booting” (I have to think hard about the explanations that were given, I’ll come back to that topic another day).
And yet, because I never have enough spare time, I only very rarely respond to the comments. I read them, but I don’t see how to respond invididually, most of the time. I feel bad about this ^^

And yet, every time I ask for help, there are so many of you, giving great accurate help, explanations, links, clarifications, suggestions… And then, there are also the comments in my shares, to report when I screw up, or to give more information to everyone, and 2Hip giving credits when I don’t have them or forget them, and the people posting mirror links when all my links are dead…

I am REALLY grateful for all the help you guys are offering, really, you’re great, YOU ROCK, all of you :)