We sometimes have audio files cursed with a very feeble volume. It can be CDs, and at times I’ve seen it with Youtube vids (one of my favorite, almost magical, live performances by Queen, now removed because of fucken Major bitch-ass complaining), or a few Deezer streaming songs.

Even with all the sound settings to the max in my Win7 system (good old sndvol, the audio control panel, winamp, Deezer options, etc…), it’s still too low.

The only way I found so far, and it won’t work for online sources, is to use VLC, they allow to double the audio output. A real system-wide utility would be better.
I insist : system-wide. Otherwise, it wouldn’t work on streaming/youtube, and file-by-file editing-remixing would be too complicated ^^

So – you knew I was coming to that, right ^^ -, I’d like to ask…

Please, would you know if there is a way, a trick, a tool, a program, that would allow to increase the system-wide audio volume output ?
Thanks if you can share the info :)