Several people have reported they’ve seen Rapidgator trying to make them install an .exe file instead of serving them the usual Zip files.

How about a clarification ? ;)

If you’re concerned, look below the usual Download links, there’s a checkbox, about a Rapidgator download  manager. Simply make sure that box isn’t checked, and you’ll get the Zip file :)

I imagine that’s a sort of sponsor offer. Just like when we install an update to Java, and the Java updater provided by Oracle tries, every fucking time, to make us install a toolbar, like the Ask Toolbar. Freaking out about stuff like that is useless, don’t waste your energy on it and just make sure to uncheck the little box.

I’ll throw another piece of advice, if you’re scared to install suspicious stuff, boys and girls, how about using a virtual machine ? There are now EASY virtualization engines for every OS, it’s cool. Me, I’ve got Microsoft Virtual PC on which I installed a good old lightweight WinXP, I configured its virtual hard drive to offer me the option to save, or not, while closing down the program, the changes that were made to the virtual disk during the session. So, I may even install definitely virused stuff, I won’t care, it’s gone in the end. Remember that trick if you deal with potentially nasty stuff like keygens :)
In exchange for the advice, anyone with a valid serial for SyncbackSE will be awesome !