Hello !

I thought I could ask here for advice with a technical problem…
My google-fu is too poor and I don’t manage to find webpages related to it, so I hope I can get some help on Hentaiweblog :)

There will be no porn in that page, only techie talking, sorry, if you’re after a quick fap, you can move on ;)

My problem isn’t a BIG problem, more like an annoyance, I’d love to get rid of it.

Simply said, as soon as I leave my computer idle for a while, or if it has just booted and I didn’t use it yet to browse the internet : my internet connexion is down, and will take as far as 30 seconds to be initiated.

If I were with dial-up, that might be more or less normal. The problem is that I’m on a LAN type connexion, my ISP’s “box” acts like a LAN for my computer’s network, using the internet should be as easy as to plug the ethernet cable and enjoy the internet pr0n.
And yet, unless my computer’s been active online a short time ago, when I open a website, my browser (firefox, IE, Opera, Chrome, Safari, same deal) spends a long time “searching” for the connexion (and sometimes returning me an “omg internet not found” error that won’t budge until I hit F5 a few times, for 20 seconds).

I don’t know what it may be related to.

My ISP, I doubt it, it wasn’t like that in the past (I should have been more attentive, I can’t tell when I noticed it, I only got progressively pissed off).
My operating system, maybe.
My computer’s hardware, who knows, but I can tell almost for sure that there was a time when the same hardware didn’t cause that kind of annoyance.

If you want specs…
– 5 or 6 years old computer (well, various parts are newer – desktops rule -, but the tower and the motherboard, including the network chipset, are from that time), with a nvidia-something network chipset.
– Windows Seven Ultimate (I wonder if my problem doesn’t come from a setting inside win7, my transition to win7 might have been concomitant with the arisal of my network annoyance : might, I’m not sure. Maybe Win7 finds it witty to put the network card to sleep when it is not used, but that wouldn’t make sense).
– Free.fr as an ISP, ADSL2+ bandwdidth, Freebox at home with a LAN type connexion (plug ethernet, enjoy).
– PLC between my ISP’s freebox and my computer (you know, these network plugs over the power plugs, to avoid pulling ugly ethernet lines through your apartment). Every 4 or 5 days, I have to unplug and replug the PLC plugs to make them recognize there’s an internet connexion. I bought the PLCs around the same time I installed windows 7 in replacement of good old XP.

And, no, I’m sorry I don’t have a double boot with another OS to make the test, and I’m even too lazy to open my tower, place and plug my internal DVD writer currently eating dust somewhere in a carton, and burn a linux liveCD :D

Maybe one of you can help, or knows exactly what’s been wrong, who knows !
Thank you very much if you can help, and don’t sweat it if you can’t ! :)