I wrote a few additions regarding my taliban post of yesterday. The were inspired from various sources, Sankakucomplex, ANN, and various other sources.

It’s a wall of text, don’t force yourself to read if you already didn’t care about yesterday’s post.

– This text was pushed by “hard right wing intolerant old conservatives are pussies” Shintaro Ishihara, current Tokyo Governor, who has a high local popularity, and doesn’t give a fuck about protestations (on the contrary, that’s the kind of guy who loves them, so that he can have someone to whom to give the finger). Don’t expect cowardly political leaders ready to give up after a few protestations.

– This technically should only affects sales in Tokyo, but Tokyo is the heart of Japan, both on the creation (investment) side, and on the audience (sales) side, avoiding tokyo is not an option.

– Despite the looks, hentai and non-hentai mangas are a relatively fragile market. There are not only the super huge stars, for instance my beloved Naomi Nekomata had recently told she was not earning heaps of cash, just barely enough. This market is hugely relying on tankoubon sales (reminder : tank, mags, the ecosystem). So if the future becomes incertain (risk to have to stop publication, or risk not to be able to do reprints), most publishers will think twice before allowing a serie to start or to continue

– Being thrown to and forced to stay in the 18+ corner is a death penalty for anything not initially sold as hentai, it would mean being removed from “for teenagers” weekly magazines, and losing exposure and sales.

– Even in the 18+ corner, the blow is heavy : some themes are becoming technically very risky (no more characters in uniform or on school grounds, for instance ?!?, FFS), several niches have no way out (Futa ? Boy’s Love ? Incest ? Ew, unnatural youth perverting gross shit ! Let’s not mention rape, loli and tentacles, right ?)…

– If you’re a pure “vanilla between adults” fan, you’re also concerned, the manga publishing industry is a whole, if several stratas of the market are affected, then the whole market is in pain, and in the end there will be much less creativity and creations

– What I don’t know : if the shit is definitive or not (must it still be validated at various points, can it be blocked at other various points), how widely the plan is to be applied and respected, and if the whole of Japan (save the publishers already rising up against the text without success) even gives a fuck.