I’m regularly reuploading broken stuff, but this morning, I made quite a pack. Maybe there’s stuff likely to interest you, so I give you a list of the items I fixed :)
– and thank you so much, all the persons taking the time to report it in a comment when links are broken !

The list of the reuploaded and fixed stuff :
Maid In Teacher
by Type90, Boku No Aijin by Tsuya Tsuya, Strawberry Panic 1-2-3 by Gunma Kisaragi, Works 3 (a Ranma doujin) by Kimigabuchi, Commit Adultery by Kan, a big but now obsolete Nisemidi Doronokai pack, I removed the entirely censored version of Superfly (with a text telling where the almost entirely version lurks), Naked Self by Sanbe Kei (the one and only hentai palindrome /GG), Poker Face In Love by Yukishiro Yoshi, Transparent Underwear Under The Summer Clothes by Ed, the old link to Iro 5 was removed (with a link to Iro 1-5), Kan Hi Sakura by Naomi Nekomata, and Nekomimi Butler by Tony Taka (possibly containing the best blonde anal pic on Earth).

I’ll also write – once again – a side remark about the dead links of 2007, prior to summer 2007 more precisely. These links are still dead because they’re an absolute chore to fix. While everything else I share on Hentaiweblog is kept safe in folders on my hard disks, and also safely harbored in a private online space (remote uploading them is much faster than uploading them from my hard disk), I lost (my own fault) my local copies of these older works and didn’t store them online. That means that, to fix something prior to summer 2007, I have to search for it myself again, re-create everything, re-upload from scratch… And, frankly, not trying to sound rude, I can see dozens of better things to do with my time.
If someone is motivated enough to fix these old links himself using his own resources from his hard disks or personal hentai sources (I require : at least 2 zip links, and 3 preview pics, I’d give that person editor rights so that he can edit the posts himself), please contact me…