After my “I love New York” post of yesterday, I thought it might be funny for you to see more visitor stats :)

They’ve been taken on a long term (the time scale varied from a screenshot to another, I didn’t mean to make something scientifically impressive *cough*), so I think they’re mostly reliable. One sad announcement, incidentally : New York is not the world capital of perversion. Google Analytics reported me that NY made more visitors than England because it was, indeed, an extraordinary result highly out of the usual.

So :
Number of visitors per countries

Number of visitors per city – make an effort New York ! GG asian guys !
Screen resolutions – as a webmaster, I call that a fucking mess, and worse, we still can’t get rid of 1024px screen width, it makes a good number of visitors
Operating systems – well done Apple; keep on going Linux, proud of being ideologically pure and remaining forever unpopular :-|
Browsers – love you geeks :D
Javascript support – unless you’re a webmaster you won’t give a fuck, but me, hugely relying on jscript, I’ve been shocked, there’s almost 20% of the visitors not supporting it :shock:
Search engines incoming visitors – let’s pray google REALLY isn’t evil, otherwise…
Search keywords that led visitors on hentairules – occasionally funny
Keywords on the search engine of hentaiweblog itself – anal and futa total domination :D