This is absolutely worth reading. No shit.

I really want to recommend you the manga called
Hotel : since 2079“, by Boichi !

This is a sci-fi tale about global warming, about the last inheritance of a guilty mankind, and questioning what’s a soul, and how love can overcome time and matter frontiers.

Scrap my description, on top of all, I found this was marvelously touching, moving, and certainly worth reading :)

You can read “Hotel : since 2079″ on
(as a mahnwa, it’s read from left to right, like a western comic)

It was a joint project between Japanzai and, and is the fruit of the work of Dennis, Weaper and Koro – thank you very much to you all ! :D

By Boichi, I also share the ecchi hilarious Space Chef Caisar and the very hardcore and just a tad less funny Lovers In Winters, No Means No and Personal Lesson Full Of Love.