I was informed that, for some unknown reason, the hentairules.net domain (alongside with a shitload of other porn websites, apparently) has been banned by the ISP Virgin Media UK. I still wonder why this, go figure :roll: (But after all, Virgin Media UK is also the only ISP in the whole world whose CEO openly declared on TV that “Net neutrality is bollocks”.)

That hurried something I was thinking about for a certain time : taking a backup domain, just in case. In case shit happens or hentairules.net becomes unreachable, you’ll have this backup URL.

So, guys, if you ever need it, remember, http://www.hentairules.us exists now :)

Mind you, that’s not a pure mirror, copying a blog’s content to a different URL requires annoying technical manipulations, I’ll synchronize the backup URL with the real domain two or three times per month only :o

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