If a major website like Wikipedia (not only them) is going to perform a full-day blackout to protest against something, you can safely infer this is no small problem, don’t you think ?

So, have you heard of SOPA and PIPA ? Two similar projects going to fuck everyone deep down without consent, and going to compromise lots of positive things regarding all the American’s daily lives (and not just making quality internet porn harder to get), also affecting the internet ecosystem worldwide.

This is some SERIOUS SHIT (one link among thousands and thousands), and don’t trust rumours saying the shit has quieted down or has been abandoned by Obama, the hydra refuses to die, while PIPA tries to proceed more discreetly but without stopping. It’s not a war ending with just one battle.

The Industry is showering your politicians with funds to get their support (funnily, in any other democracy this would be called blatant corruption), but remember YOU are the ones electing them, or allowing them to be elected when you prefer to say fapping at home while watching commercials rather than going to vote outside of your home.

For heaven’s sake, express yourselves, there are hundreds of ways to do it, don’t let the politicians believe they can do without you.
End of the long story, if the idea hasn’t penetrated though everyone’s skull and you’re not convinced yet to involve yourselves even a little bit, there’s not much more to do and you deserve what’s coming to you, because the big Industry won’t give up.