Hello everyone, I’ve got an update and a question for you :)

First, the update : I’ve decided to try Flattr on my blog.

Flattr is a VERY interesting idea, a sort of micro-payment system. The idea is to help people make small donations easily without bothering themselves, in just one click, and let them forget about the rest. This way you can support a newspaper, a magazine, a hentai addict webmaster, an associative project… anything with a “Flattr” button.
You’ll have more details on the index page of Flattr, with a very explanative Youtube video, and in their explanation pages :)

If it works, it will be a little bonus ^^

Second, the question : would you care for JAV porn vids on Hentaiweblog ?

At first I wasn’t convinced, but after all, I don’t have to work on preparing, upping, screenshotting these videos, so it’s painless for me ! If it’s popular, I don’t mind sharing the links, it’s close enough to hentai, as another japanese sexual style, to be allright with me.

I made a poll about this last subject, if there aren’t enough persons interested, I’ll decide it bothers more people than it pleases other people, and I won’t share the links. Mind you, in the best of the best cases, I suppose it would be a video per week (according to my source, who gave the previous JAV : most likely less), it wouldn’t be a spam attack.

Would you like some JAV (japanese porn videos), occasionally, on Hentaiweblog ?

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