Hi there !

I don’t know if you’ve seen the news, this crazy ridiculous news bringing shame to Italy ? The Italian scientists who, when asked if there were risks to have a massive earthquake in Aquila, could only respond “we don’t know, there is a risk for sure, but there’s no giving you forecasts” are facing six years of jail. Thousands of years ago, scapegoats would have considered themselves lucky to be only sent to jail for such a serious cause, but in the XXIst century, I don’ think there’s much to brag about.
No shit, they couldn’t tell there WAS going to be IN SIX DAYS a killer earthquake, so they’re condemned to 6 years of jail for manslaughter. Seriously.
Real estate guys can sleep in peace, though.

My advice to all scientists : the next time you’re asked a risk evaluation, give everyone the finger, explain it is mathematically impossible to divide by the number of fucks you give, and if your audience insists, respond with a quote from REM : It’s the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fine) .

… And that led me to search for LIVE versions of this song, “just because”.

… And, I finally reach the reason why I’m posting here, I found two perfect live versions, full of energy, better than black coffee !
However, I have no idea where they come from. I’d really love to get the CD where they come from, if there has ever been a CD with those versions of course… Could I ask you guys, if you know REM, if the two songs I loved have a CD version ?

The first version, the one with the highest voltage, piano notes, RHA YEAH ! However, it’s from a small event, in a shopping street, I doubt there will be an “official” recording. Who knows, though !

The second version, this time from an official concert, I’m certain there must be a CD or a DVD for this ! :3

Thanks a lot if you can help ;)