A quick technical question, if you’ve got one minute ? :)

Hello everyone !

I’d like to ask, I heard, but forgot its name, of a program that allows to
– create a backup image of your Windows system partition ( c: ), OS and programs,
and copy that cloned image to brand new hardware (new hard disk, or new motherboard), adapting Windows to the new hardware when necessary
Would you know the name of that program ?
You see, I think that something is close to failing in my PC tower, either my motherboard or my SSD disk, windows 7 is throwing more BSODs than he ought to, so I’ve started gathering information, I fear I’ll have to replace one of these two some day…

On another topic : THANK YOU VERY MUCH for all the helpful replies and help offers in my Apple Ibook G4 help post ! The case is now closed :)
With help from someone who wants to stay anonymous (but thank you !!) I could eventually do all the testing, get the machine to run, test other OSes on it. And the final conclusion is that, anyway, that machine is too slow even for the common uses, like internet video playing, or occasional slowdowns during DVD playback – I’ll offer it on ebay, I guess, hopefully someone will enjoy having it.

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  1. start/programs/Accessories/System Tools/Windows Easy Transfer

    will move all your programs to new computer