A School Committee for Indiscipline [English], by Itou Eight

Let there be faps. I hated it but I reckon some people should like it, which is their right as much as my right is to call that a piece of shit.

(A girl, getting groupsexed) : « I feel so sick I could vomit… I feel sick, but it’s so good… This sickening feeling feels too good ! <3 »

Sigh, that’s the kind of story that enrages me much more than netorare, when the male character is a fucken bastard abusing his position and skill (here, typical, big dick and magical fingers ensuring immediate arousal), to turn women into his private slaves and cumdumps. Even with hard netorare, there is a certain form of love for women, while, in this kind of works, the women are scorned, despised, not loved by the artist creating the story. And I really hate it.

Well, take that as a warning ? Unless you love that style, which would be entirely your right (but I’ll still call that a piece of shit, to each his own), of course.
If you want more uncoolsauce like that, there would be Mitsunyuu volume 2 and Houkago Chokyo Housoshitsu (featuring a pathetic male hero), for instance.

By Itou Eight, I also share CHIAKIchang Help and Moon Light Stream.

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And, yeah, I hate it when a hentai artist hates women. Me, I love women, for the sex, for their nature, for who they are, and as fellow humans. I despise women haters.

This share reminded me another manga, about deliberate mind corruption through pleasure. If you want that theme pushed beyond any limits, and, this time, drawn with an undeniable aesthetic sense, there is La Bête Obscène. That one comes with MASSIVE warnings though, be sure to read them to avoid a lasting state of shock.

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