Boy, if only I could be the male in a scene like that :D

As I often say, this is something I particularly love with hentai : the more you share, the more you receive :) – I’m not talking about donations (if donations were proportional to my quantity of shares, I’d be rich  :twisted: ), I’m talking about good links : all my thanks to those of you who gave me more links to other works by Takeda Hiromitsu, I can now make a second 4-works pack :)

Honestly, this pack is not as good as the previous one, but it’s still great dope. Happy powerful sex, strong female personalities, love, good detailed drawings, antigravity helium-filled tits (I see no other explanation sometimes…), funny scenarii, there’s lots of good things :razz:

MOAR ! Don’t miss The list of ALL my shares by Takeda Hiromitsu :D

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Read the rest of : A second pack of 4 works by Takeda Hiromitsu [English, 91 pictures] (170 words)