Hello, I’m sorry to ask here, but I didn’t manage to find an answer with a google search… It would be useful for both hentaiweblog and my “real life” company’s website.

So, if you’re familiar with apache syntax inside .htaccess files, thanks if you can take two minutes to help ;)

Wow, you’re still reading, thanks a lot, or else you must be REALLY bored :lol:

An example (I’d rather not quote my “real life” company’s website), my big preview pictures (on top of the posts) are hosted on my own web space. And I’d like to find a way to protect my pictures from certain persons. Using hentaiweblog is a trivial example, but this is a whole different affair when other websites use the pictures on which I’ve spent hours of work for my company – a trial is still out of order (you don’t use nukes against a mouse) so I guess proper htaccess configuration is the best solution.

I know how to block hotlinking of my pictures, so that no other website can directly embed them inside pages. Piece of cake.

But I’d like to make something else : to only disallow ONE website from hotlinking my pictures, and, icing on the cake – if possible ! – to replace in this case the hotlinked picture with another default picture of my choice.

I didn’t find a solution to make it, but perhaps I simply sucked with my google search.
So, who knows, I’m trying my luck in the current post ;)

Thanks a lot if you can help :)