I may be wrong of course, but I suspect that this is something that could interest a few of you guys, a torrent containing ALL the translated works by Shiwasu No Okina – to this day – and the 3 motion comics made after one of his mangas, almost 2400 pictures, 1.1 GB : this way for the torrent, kthx.

OK, I confess, I didn’t just stumble on it, I asked a pal to make me some promotion with a big torrent most likely bound to become popular :D
His upload speed sucks balls when it comes to torrents so it might take a while to gather enough seeders, the torrent is around 1.1 GB large, but you just have to be patient ;)

Update : to the persons that said “thanks”, I’ll tell my pal, you’re welcome. To the persons that said it’s too slow or dead (the torrent is alive, the public completion growed by 5% in 45 minutes, heck, we’re talking about a folder largen than 1 GB !) or that requested RS links, you’re damn ingrateful, that said without hard feelings.