Hello everyone,

I have *very* little free time with the end of christmas preparations, the family, and work to do, so there will be just one share today. However, I’d like to ask you something, just in case :)

You may ( ;) ) know I moved Hentaiweblog to a new server just yesterday.

Since then, I’d had 3 persons reporting that they were back to content-warning hell, having a new content warning popping up with every new page.

– This may be the Opera browser’s curse, a number of Opera users reported me the bug was still present, even though a small useless but not Opera-friendly part of the content-warning code had been removed after a suggestion by SL-Gundam. Frankly, for the Opera users, unless you provide me a perfect code in replacement, starting from the code you can see inside the source code of Hentairules, I cant’ do anything about it.

– Or, if you’re not using Opera, this may be a new bug related to the move to the dedicated server. In this case, please, empty your cache (at least the temp files and all the cookies named “hentairules”), reload the blog, and try again.
And if there REALLY is a bug with that, please, tell me :)

By the way, if you notice other bugs, stuff behaving weirdly or at least not behaving as it used to do, please, please, take the time to report it in a comment (with details, what is obvious to you could be quite obscure to me), I’ll be most grateful :)