It's not a mistake if there's a "He sure showed me !" aftertaste ;)

Stuff happened on my side (nothing problematic, just an immediate change of priorities), so I couldn’t prepare my shares as usual. Today, I serve you two fucking GOOD marvels released these three previous weeks, and just one new thing, that I had prepared early enough. At least, I hope I’m scheduling it to the right hour ^^.

That one new thing is plainly hilarious. True, there’s adultery, but if one kind of adultery must exist in the world, let it be that one !
The dialogues are vulgar – they sound SO true to the characters ! I’m not trying to badmouth the manga, to the contrary, it was “logical”, and flowed right.
Thanks a LOT to Grey Fox, Nashrakh, Gurumao, Afro Thunda and Tornomer !

It’s coochie stirring up time, baby ! Less bitching, more fucking !
And it’s the lady saying those lines !

By Bobobo I also share the frigging hilarious Leftovers ( «He sure showed me !»), and The Day She Became My Sister.

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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