Docile teachers. That wouldn't happen for real in the real world, huh.

Pardon me for being late in sharing the COMPLETE After School story, I had somehow completely forgotten about it :D

If you’re a regular on Hentairules, you must know I harbour mixed feelings towards Tsukino Jyogi, I love the great art when it doesn’t fall into boring ahegao, and I dislike the way the stories usually end up with women deliberately becoming slaves to the cock of the male character. This is in my eyes a weak and lame way to try and appeal to the potential customers. The customers are young males, still inexperienced with women and with zero chances to actually (in real life) make out with a hot female adult ? Then let’s throw women deliberately becoming obedient to Random.young.hentat Joe ! Sigh.

In this regard, After School has been playing a lot with my feelings, I sometimes felt ecstatic (yay, mutual respect !), sometimes I felt down (back to the same shit, argh). Eventually, I think this manga fares WAY better than Tsukino Jyogi’s other works, OK the women still submit themselves, but they’re free to get the upper hand or regain their independence any time they like (sigh.)

Graphically ? The norm. Unlimited ammos and massive creampies, hair, vaginal oral and anal, white-skin women save a tanned girl (my favorite), young adult girls.I hope it may please you ! :) And thanks a lot to Dark Knight for the parts 1-3, Yoroshii for the chapters 4-7, and The Lusty Lady (Lustylady00, Blackrussian) for the final chapter ! :)

(For much more stuff by this artist, Cf. The list of Tsukino Jyogis works)

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