Rage ? Win ? No, LAUGH.

I used to write, quoting Afro Thunda : If you rage, you lose . I’ll have to offer you a new version, to show respect to the netorare fans : it’s possible, at times, to say : if you rage, you win !

In the present share, a woman cheats on her husband, and (I’m spoiling you the info, but frankly, it’s not as if it was not to be expected, sigh) she’s very glad to do so in front of him, crushing his heart, his pride and his self-esteem.

So… now that I gave you a summary, will you lose or win ? ;) (Me, I loled :lol: )

The drawings are pleasant, the woman’s face somehow fascinated me, reminding me of Tsuya Tsuya when there was no sex, and then with a faint Alice No Takarabako inspiration (the face ! the eyes !) during sex, she was a hot 30 years old (by her looks) woman, a tiny bit plump, in slutty lingerie, having good vaginal and DP sex, feeling openly glad to be a cumdump for male partners with big dicks.
And, yes, this is facepalm material.
Credits are for Saha and Rournix, his commissioner, thanks :)

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