Hey guys and girls, Cooper here, your host for the next few days.

If anyone is wondering, my site is Arab Sex Web and as the name suggests, it is all about amateur Arab sex, no mangas there I am afraid. (End of self promotion :roll: )

Poor Oli decides to go top the beach for a few says and God decides to send him some rain. And without internet, TV and phones I  guess the only recreation available would be sex with the wife LOL

Anyway, if you thought the blog would be stagnant while he is away, think again. The guy has so much content scheduled to be posted while he is away that it scares me. So yup, there will be daily updates as usual ;)

I will try to be as inconspicuous as possible but although I thought that taking care of this site would be pure boring routine, it seems that things could get more complicated and I may need some help from you guys on this one. If you have the time, please read on…


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