it's hot, it's spooky, it's yandere

Oh boy, that was scary. Oh boy, that was hot. That’s yanderehentai for you :)
The “heroine” makes her male partner fall for her, and technically should-probably-be happy sex follows. Graphically, this is very good. Except that she’s a total psycho, and there’s no predicting if she’s not going to go mad and murder the first person she sees. Yandere.

To my surprise, I noticed there is, graphically, a noticeable similarity with some works by Alice No Takarabako. The similarity between these two artists didn’t strike me before o_O

By Kirintei, I also share a 2-doujin mini hentai pack, a great IdolMaster doujin, and an average short work. And there’s the Favorite Memories case, a non-yandere one o_O

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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