fa-sci-na-ting western porn comic, highly recommended !

(A non-hentai break for our own good ;) )
I’m particularly glad I found Alicia In Never Ever by accident, that’s one of these rare occasions when porn meets art, for the most impressive result :)

I warn you, in the same time as this comic contains superb uncensored hardcore action (anal, vaginal, couple, group, brune, blonde, asian…), in the same time it reveals a deep story largely inspired from “the attack of the zombies” style (uneasy atmosphere, living minute-by-the-minute thinking, very dark humour), it also contains a lot of gore – that’s not a sweet lovey dovey comic with cute kittens all around. The kittens have been eaten.

Overall, I highly recommend you that one, I hope you’ll take the time to discover it :D

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Read the rest of : Alicia In Never Ever [English, 79 pictures, Full Color], by Man (235 words)