evil april's fool picture

As most of you suspected, guys, the post in which I announced “Hentairules.net is on sale” is a fake, the most evil April’s Fools joke I managed to imagine.
The best lie is always made of a mix of real elements (this fucking financial crisis hitting my company badly and cutting severely my income) and of elements so bogus they’re easier to believe that simple negations (selling my blog in order to compensate for several months of missing revenue even though it is better to keep it like that and enjoy the small bonus it brings every month – like religion, the most incredible it is, the easier it is for the brain to simply accept it as a whole)… Keep that in mind for your own pranks or if you need to make up a convincing lie for your own use ;)

Let’s not be hypocritical : I totally enjoyed seeing it working so well :twisted: – but I also apologize to those of you who felt bad :o
I also owe you guys who left a comment or sent me an email my sincere thanks, I was touched when I read them, you’re a bunch of great guys…
And now, let’s share a bit of hentai :D

Oh, BTW, feel free to share your links to the best April’s Fools pages you saw, I’m curious