Well drawn nurses, vanilla ? TO THE FAPCAVE !!

Glasses. OK… And… Good drawings ? Vanilla ?? Nurses ?!? <3
Tatanohito, and his donators, thanks a LOT for this GREAT release ! ^_^

Could it be one of the marks of a great artist ? Producing an astonishing “product”, polished in nearly every aspect, showing lots of, both, hard work and genuine talent… and still apologizing, in the end, about the potentially imperfect stuff and his (or her, I don’t know) lack of ability ?

Here, in Amai Nyuuin Seikatsu, we’ve got a nice slice-of-hentai scenario about two nurses, one easy-going (blonde, with redhead nuances, RHA !) and one stern, and their romantic life with their two lovers. Nothing dramatic or serious here. The drawings are GREAT, the girls are definitely arousing, with hot faces, well drawn bodies, tight fitting outfits, bulging panties, and, though I can’t really describe how or why, highly compelling butts, calling for a dick really hard :shock:

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