I just LOVE Pon Takahanada ^^

With my great thanks to Fayt, Yoshio, Torn, Timtarded and Krozam, here are the two first chapters of the second volume of An Angel’s Marshmallow, a comedic and very well drawn hentai story by Pon Takahanada.
The heroine is a superb idol (one of my favorite hentai girls, even if she’d be beaten by Ai Sugimoto’s left nipple in less than ten nanoseconds), but these two first chapters display an office lady and another blonde idol.
Oh, and special mention for the first genuine dickead I’ve ever seen (and props if you can recognize what was Fayt’s font, I wish I had known, share the info if you know it ?)

By Pon Takahanada, I also share An Angel’s Marshmallow Volume 1 of course, but there’s also Blind Love Susume, Like A Rat [English, not his best], a Japanese mega pack, and another japanese manga.

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Now, a more subjective note, while I still dig this manga, I’m afraid the scenario is really turning too much into a cliché type.


No shit, the male hero is caught being assaulted by another female coworker girl in love, his idol GF rejects him, so he goes on to the coworker, but at that time the ex-GF changes her mind, but then she’ll catch her boyfriend once again with his coworker…

I’m getting anxious, will Pon Takahanada manage to pull something interesting, will he avoid the boring cliché ? :-?