Hello everyone,

I’ve had occasional reports of Avast warning the visitors of Hentaiweblog that my blog was trying to load an URL containing malware.

I sincerely apologize about the inconvenience -_-
There’s something managing to exploit one of my blog’s legitimate plugins (the polls plugin) in order to have it perform annoying shit (cf this, for details).

The fact this is a very web-widespread attack doesn’t make it easier for me, I SO would like to have it fixed at last – however, I have yet to find WHAT is able to hijack one of my blog’s files. I’ve replaced my theme (you didn’t notice it, I spent a lot of time restoring my customizations on a virgin copy), changed all my passwords, made sure there were no SSH or FTP unwanted access, removed all blog files not uploaded by me and restored a copy (ten minutes of downtime only, I’m getting better at it ^^)… Only to witness that problem popping up again. The last remnant would by my website logs, however, I don’t know what to search exactly, and the damn logs are so huge I can’t even open them on my machine, meaning it’s all up to my web host’s lazy techies, if they can spare the time to search.

The problem doesn’t happen very often fortunately (3 times in 3 months, removed in 2 minutes after I read the first report), so, once again, I apologize, and please bear with it for a while, if it happens again, email me, I’ll have it fixed :)
Fast summary : no panic, don’t leave :twisted:

And let’s also call it an advertisement for Avast, the only AV smart enough to warn you, shoo on other antivirus companies ! ;)