Hi everyone :)

I’m glad that You Are Just A Maid 1-3 received such positive feedback, I was confident it would warm your (or most of) souls !

I wanted to give spotlight to a comment in that post that struck me, it was both hard-boiled and matching my own feelings, congratulations for finding the right words :)
That comment was written by NIlP, saying : That fat dude is definitely rich enough to pay for his own drinks; however if he wants to hang out, get drunk, and just forget every f*king thing (pun intended (?)) about her, the beer is on me.

And now, on another subject… Just saying, but it’s rare for me, out of 4 shares I’m posting today, 3 of them belong to GREAT artists who have one or two GREAT full volumes available in English, sweet :3

If you’re interested in having a go, I made sure they all had working Zip links (God, I regret the pre-megauploadshit days !), these mangas are :

Otome Drops (250 pictures), by Redrop

Pure Love Mellow (224 pictures, partially Uncensored), by Jun

Shocking Pink (246 pictures, Uncensored version), by Yasui Riosuke

Bust To Bust (204 pictures), by Yasui Riosuke