An email server related question…

Hello, maybe you could help, I’m asking the question just in case :)

My ISP has started applying severe antispam filtering to the emails sent using their server to send emails, and, very annoyingly, more and more of my emails are blocked, being mistaken as spam. Sometimes I can’t figure at all the reason, sometimes it’s ridiculous (“hentai rape” is blocked, while “rape” or “hentai rap” is allright, WTF).
Just today, in 4 occasions, I had to re-write and re-write my emails. For the last of my emails, I finally had to give up and instead send as a reply the URL of a text file in which I had saved the contents of this email. – It’s plain ridiculous, I tell you :mad:

And so, here is the question I’m asking : would it be simple, maybe, to set up another sending email server ? Or are there other free sending email servers available, somewhere on the interweb ?

Thanks if you can help with a super-simple reply ;)

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