A pussy has no age in the hentai world, it's always the best

Killer quote : “your dick became a habit of mine, hikaru-kun” – LOL ^^

Here’s a nice complete translated hentai manga, thanks to Fated Circle.

Graphically, I give it five stars, there are very good drawings of several girls, from teen age to mid-thirties, with superb titfucks and hardcore sex (no anal).
I hope you won’t mind the incredibly stereotyped scenario : innocent-looking boy joins house, super-sex-boy fucks anything equipped with a pussy in hot liberated sex without worries or second thoughts. Wow, this scenario ROCKS. Or not :D Followed by a few short stories with the same level of interest.

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Read the rest of : Ane Haha [English, 193 pictures], by Terunyo Kusatsu (72 words)