This manga contains flaws, but also great humour

In my personal point of view, this manga has heavy flaws, but the nice humour saved the day and made Ane Plus enjoyable enough to make a good reading session, so thanks a lot to Koichan and Shinkage :)

The Ane Plus tank is made of the republication, in tank quality, of the magazine story formerly known as Yuna Yuna Panic 0-6, adding to this two more chapters, and hilarious bonuses in the end (please, DO read the omake/interview final pages !)

I could – and will – tell more about the good and bad things in this manga as I see them, but it’s taking some precious space, so I write it below, scroll down for this.

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The pros and the cons ?
Pros : nice humour coming from the confrontations between an anime & eroge-addicted yaoi freak living in his own fantasy world, and a possessive elder sister (can’t blame her of being violent against the yaoi freak)…
Cons : I quickly grow terribly bored of the hyper-repetitive cliché running through the manga : “you’re so cute fuck me NOW – hooo so good but please don’t come inside – you naughty boy you creampied me a gazillion times with 12 liters of sperm per shot“. Honestly, that bored the shit out of me. There was also this really ANNOYING eternal reference to impregnation with assorted x-ray (“omg you penetrated my womb so much you’ll seen the light of day through my nostrils, I’m so going to become pregnant“, if you see the idea…)

To this day, the only translated complete hentai manga by Yoshifumi Yamamoto that I really dig because it doesnt contain these boring or annoying repetitive clichés is Huge Breast Hunting Tutor :)

Of course that’s just my point of view, make yourself your own opinion :)