See what I mean ? Amateurish, yeah, but good.

There’s plenty of good things coming from this manga. Happy carefree sex, moving sex with love, humorous bits (bonus pic, I cropped THAT scene, that strongly reminded me of THIS from Sore Wa Rekishi Ni Kakanaide ^^), two arcs with a decent scenario base :3

On the other hand, if the drawings are important for you, please allow me to be honest (AKA I don’t want you to regret spending bandwidth when these are my shares), this manga clearly shows the artist, Tachibana Kai, is only beginning his carreer as a mangaka. There are only rare shades or when there are some the girls look weird. The vaginas’ shape and dimensions will vary, and that is not just awkward perspective. The girls still DO look great (highschool and around 25-30 adult girls, with small to big boobs, having oral and vaginal sex), just don’t expect too much, okay ? :)

For this nice share, showing a great lot of work, my big thanks are for Lusty Lady00 and BlackRussian, from The Lusty Lady Project, huge props ! :D

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