Animal Crackers Cat Style [English], by Yamada Shouji

Neko, tsundere, SUGOI !

Rha, Animal Crackers Cat Style was a feat, graphically and scenario-wise, it contained a HUGE quantity of stereotypes I absolutely LOVE :D

Thanks a TON to Nashrakh, RBZ and Gurumao, from Team Vanilla :)

I couldn’t do better than Nashrakh to describe this manga, so I’ll directly quote his own description, he’s been SPOT ON ! See :
Tsundere – Check!
Catgirl – Check!
Childhood friends – Check!
Big tits – Check!
Tailgasm – Check!

Honestly, do you need more ? ;)

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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Just a final remark, look at the credits picture… The dialogues have been changed, had you noticed ? ;)

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