Highly fappable, but morally potentially devastating :-/

EXCELLENT NEWS : thanks to 2Hip (you rule !) who gave me a link, here is at last the COMPLETE version of Another World, 222 pictures long, by Yuzuki N Dash !

Dreadful news : argh, I now have to write a description :D

UPDATE : cf the bottom of this post, to clarify things, I wrote a chronological summary of the plot.

This is a mix of : ASTOUNDING art, almost entirely anal sex, and the girls are totally arousing, in their school uniforms, with their supple realistic bodies, Yuzuki N Dash draws like a god, and the censorship is almost invisible ! :shock:
Seriously, just for the art, this manga is REALLY worth reading, wow ! O_o

… And of a dark, sad scenario, in which the girls are stupid and they end up drowning in pleasure, losing from sight what really matters to them : love. The men are either naive and bound to be heartbroken, or “breakers” (with this rare note, a “breaker” given a deep psychological background and alibi, feeling sympathy for a man breaking a couple felt deranging.)

Credits for all this great work are for Desu (most of the chapters, great job !), Sei-Jin (a chapter), me (decensoring of a chapter, Hand), the admin of Javv-productiones (whose blog is now dead, damn you Google) and Tommy the Cat and Hariwald who both used his Japanese to Spanish translations to translate it in English afterwards. Thank you guys ! :)
(MOAR ! For more stuff by this artist, Cf. The List of Yuzuki N’s Works on Hentairules)

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Baaaaaaaaaaka !

Update :
it seems, from quickly looking at the comments (sorry I don’t reply individually, it’s daytime for me and I should be working right now ^^), that confusion is everywhere regarding the storyline…

So, if you care, here’s a very brief chronological summary.

– Step 1 : delinquent boy and his elder sister end up orphans. The sister swears to protect her brother. Years pass, he becomes a karate practitioner, he’s still a good boy, his sister openly sleeps with men to gather money, while we discover she passes out on him some of her frustration with slightly femdom anal sex. And when this becomes sex between equals, the sister somehow “dumps” him, telling him she got pregnant from a man and therefore she’ll marry that man.
The boy becomes a delinquent.

– Step 2, present year. The delinquent receives a home visit from the candid but ballsy female heroine, she convinces him to come back to class. He gets interested.

– Step 3 : we learn that Spineless Boyfriend sieged Female Fortress until she gave in and accepted to date him, deredere~~~ Their first sex wasn’t brilliant but it got better eventually, it’s oral and vaginal time.

– Step 4 : the heroine confiscates Delinquent’s anal porn mag, a quiproquo shortly follows, making her believe Spineless is interested in anal

– Step 5 : anal training begins

– Step 6, middle of the anal training week : Spineless has nightmares in which he’s netorare’d, night after night

– Step 7, last day of training : Spineless overhears his girlfriend having anal sex in the toilet closet next to his own

– Step 8, afternoon on the rooftop : you may call Delinquent a cool guy who kept his word, he DID offer the girl to become his girlfriend, and he thought “too bad” when the bell rang and prevented the dumb cow from actually accepting the offer. He thought it with a careless tone, but, still, he DID do the offer, and that was no joke from him

– Step 9, evening in the hotel, final anal training session, Dumb Cow becomes addicted to anal for life, and Delinquent finds the strength to “release” her after seeing how much she grieves being stupid and being lost at to what to do with her ass in life

– Step 10, one day later : aching from being netorare’d and thinking he’s doing the best choice in turning a blind eye to his GF’s “predicament”, Spinless careless discards anal sex as a mere joke, leaving his excruciated girlfriend lost for words despite her urge to get assfucked again.

End of the drama.