A very funny idea for the plot :)

Thanks to Nemui Scans, here is a nice old-school-looking hentai work, with pleasant ecchi drawings (don’t ask for hardcore contents, in other words ^^) and a good scenario.

The scenario isn’t very deep, if truth be told, however it is using a very good idea : the hero is working at an antiques shop, surrounded by young females of course, and his shop discovers unknown antiques that were probably for sexual use. So they put them to testing. Then real sex takes place. And the conclusion is always… funny ;)

By Hazuki Kaoru, whose works you’ll also see under the Nanno Koto name (it’s my conclusion they’re one and only one person, but the drawing styles are stunningly similar), I also share : Little Sister’s Whisper [English, 150 full color pictures ! :shock: ], a mini-english-pack with A Collector”s Story+ A Female Molester, and a fat pack of raw mangas.

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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