Basically, a succubus means there's no need for a scenario :D

Today I don’t have much time on my hands, so I’m packing my shares real fast !

This one is about a succubus girl who takes a liking to some boy, and then proceeds (“oh-what-a-big-surprise”) to having sex with him. The drawings are just average, but they had a pleasant fresh feeling :)
Since I read the chapter 163 of Medaka Box, I start giggling every time I hear or speak the word “fresh” ^^;;)

Thanks to whoever scanlated it ! And, in advance, thanks to my dear 2Hip for the actual info about the scanlator ;) Boys, girls, when I don’t give proper credits, either because I forgot or because I don’t know who was behind it or because I forgot to update my post with the info, proceed to reading the comments, chances are a kind soul called 2Hip will have posted the scanlator information :) Really, thanks for all these times, 2Hip :) Translated by DesuDesu and commissioned by Darkfire, thanks guys!

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