Assistant Denki Keika should be, technically, a yuri manga, but, well… This is more, and less than that :D

less, because there’s not fucktons of sex. More, because this is crazy, and funny :twisted:

Here’s for an insight of the scenario : the Iron Pen Force is an evil group who wants to snatch all assistants, to gain control over mangakas (and next, the woooooooorld~~~). Superheroes face them. Meanwhile, everyone’s shameless and acts in ways that shouldn’t exist. Kamen Yuri Manga Assistants, maybe ?
I give up on describing it : it’s fun, heroically surprising, it’s worth reading ;)
Oh – please, do me a favour. Look at the upper part of page 114.

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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My many thanks are for Tsundere Yoriko, Audio Erotica, Sebi, Hitsuji-san, Link4117, Lelelelele, Evangel and Ikanimo, from Tsundere Translations and Papaya Scans :)

Just wondering, I just discovered this manga, never saw anything of it before, would you guys have any idea about the release speed ? I wonder if the releases are super-rare, or not ?

And now, one last little bonus, something that might illustrate the humour of the manga : something excessive, but presented with a cool composed style, in classical composition contrasting with the unusual idea behind it – I luved it :D