DurpyHurpy here. Before I start, let me say something I forgot to mention last time:

I finally bought a real blindfold!!! It was 5 dollars, but it’s kind of tight. I assume I’ll get used to it eventually, however.

Also, this includes FIVE audios. Due to circumstances beyond my control (I.E. the inclusive of nudity in the images involving lolis), I cannot post those images here. :(

I don’t have much to say other than that…

Note: This post contains two hypnosis sessions, one of which also comes with a non-erotic version AGAIN! And from the same seiyuu as last time!

If your request isn’t on here and I responded to your post, I didn’t have enough time to listen to, review and upload it. All of the remaining request I have are long as fuck audios (up to 3 bloody hours!), so they tend to suck away all of my time (and cum – I can’t really do it multiple times… It starts to hurt…). Maybe next time… If I didn’t respond to your post OR add your request to the list of requests in the second comment on this page, then I never saw your request (or I forgot about it, that’s happened too) and you should probably re-request it :V


Also, these HAVE Japanese text in the file names. If you’re having trouble playing the files or seeing the text, I recommend switching your computer’s locale to Japanese and/or install the East Asian Language Pack. This is different for every operating system, so you’ll have to Google for directions on how to do this yourself. Also, 7zip can’t display Japanese characters sometimes, so I recommend you install Winrar.

I hear people use them as background music when reading to h-manga, if you’re having trouble visualizing what is happening in the scenario you could try using it for that. Personally, I listen to the recordings blindfolded and try to imagine the things happening in the recording are happening to me. Sometimes I actually do feel like something is touching me (and it’s not me, because I listen to these with my hands away from my penis unless I’m specifically told to be touching myself).

Also, some of these might be a wee bit loud. So watch out if you’re in an area where you don’t want other people hearing what you’re doing to. Never listen to the hypnosis recordings while driving or doing anything other than masturbating. You could pass out or something.

Note: Even if you don’t like something, you should still download it. I plan on eventually purchasing files myself, so all the money I make from downloads will go towards future purchases! And click the images too! Despite how redundant it is, Imagetwist is a site that pays really well. Besides, you may actually like it and not even realize it! That’s totally happened to me multiple times already. This is also why I’m recording all of the audios I don’t have that you guys are requesting too. I may get it later in the future at some point when someone randomly shares it on the Internet, or I may just buy it myself if it seems really relevant to my interests (which MOST are).

Oh, and whenever possible please DON’T download using Depositfiles. I realize most of you download from there, and I appreciate the fact that you may have gotten a Gold account either from Oliver or myself, but downloading from there isn’t helping me fund my future purchases at all because Depositfiles stopped affiliating with Americans (which is what I am, if you couldn’t tell from my writing). Because of this, I’ve moved Depositfiles to “Mirror #4″. If you want to not help me share the care, you can download using the Depositfiles link on “Mirror #4″. The main download link is now Uploaded.net.

Also, I occasionally mention having a “hands-free orgasm”. That means I had an orgasm without touching myself. Keep in mind an orgasm and an ejaculation are TWO completely different things. You can have an orgasm and not ejaculate, you can have an ejaculation and not have an orgasm, you could have both or even neither! The orgasm is the part that makes it feel really good, the ejaculation is the sperm that comes out. I highly recommend attempting it, they feel simply amazing. Usually I just have to stroke like two times to have a massive ejaculation if I have a hands-free orgasm.

If you have any problems extracting things, just rename the files to something like “1″. Due to some requests by people, I was forced to include better names on the file names which causes some of the folders to be too long to extract… I’m sorry, but I gave in to the peer pressure of 2 people :(

And without further ado…

Cuckolded Bridegroom – Before Her Eyes, by hell dorado
(Loli) (CVs: Ringo Tsugaru and Ayana)

Requested by heroLuka.

Apparently your soon-to-be-wife to be is getting raped right in front of you by God knows what, then suddenly a succubus shows up so you can use her tiny little hole to cum. I say “tiny little hole” because the succubus is a loli. After wasting 25 minutes of my life, the roribus finally sticks it inside. Less than ten minutes later, it’s already done as you’re cumming side her at the same time whomever is raping your wife is cumming inside her as well. Luckily she let’s you do it again! Woo! Also, this recording is almost 50 minutes in length.

Whew, we’re don- huh? There’s more? 4 more tracks?! The rest are all under 20 minutes in length each, and mostly as hot as the first.

After your wife apologizes for being raped in recording two, she starts jerking you off (which is a welcome change, usually they don’t do those on audios) and then sticks it in her vagoo. I never knew the first reaction to being raped is to have sex with another rapee. Well, whatever. While fucking her your mind starts remembering the succubus so you keep hearing her voice in your head throughout the whole sex part. In the third recording, you’re awaken to a blowjob from your GF. There isn’t much succubus dubover in this (just one sentence at the start)… :( In the fourth recording, the succubus is once again there for the whole recording, however she’s brought a friend! This is like Twin Sister in that one person is on the right side (the loli succubus) and one is on the left (another succubus who looks and sounds eerily like your wife) There are two cumshots, but I’m not sure what was happening during the first one. It sounds like they were just kissing you (they even said “kissu” a bunch of times), but I’m not such if they were kissing your lips or your dick. The second one is definitely a blowjob, though.Looks like the final recording is step-incest. Why? Seems your wife got knocked up by her raper, who was also a succubus (assuming your wife isn’t really a succubus herself). So apparently you have your own lolibus to rape every single night. The real one shows up too. Or at least that’s what I think. Kudo believes this new one is the offspring of you and the lolibus, and your wife is just there to watch for shits and giggles. I’m not sure which of us is actually correct, but I’ve been getting better at guessing what’s happening in these so I’m gonna go with mine.

I really liked the loli succubus’ seiyuu. Seriously arousing, almost had a hands-free orgasm on the first recording. My only complaint is her microphone. In addition to the white noise I always complain about, you can also hear her clicking her mouse to start and stop the recordings as well as turning the pages in her script. Luckily all of it gets drowned out in the sound effect version of this audio when the good stuff finally starts happening. The other seiyuu had a similar problem with the white noise.. But I didn’t like her voice all that much. Couldn’t keep an erection to her. I would NEVER make her my fiancee >:O

This includes the script, and had a bunch of CG images as well as a version where the script and CG were embedded on an HTML page. I couldn’t include the CG due to the loli images, which were even present on the cover on DLSite so I can’t even post THOSE here either. Uguu. If you’d like those images, you’re welcome to ask me for them in person on THMMY’s IRC channel. Also, it comes with a version without sound effects and the audios cropped to just the ero parts.

Download the Free Hentai Audio in a Zip file
(484 MB, 1 hour, 56 minutes and 31 seconds, Japanese)

Or you can also use the Alternative :
Zip Mirror #1 – or – Zip Mirror #2 – or – Zip Mirror #3

Due to something with the file name causing this to be impossible to upload and for whatever reason then being unable to rename it, it was stuck as that on RapidGator. You’re welcome to rename it as “RJ092515_-_Cuckolded_Bridegroom_-_Before_Her_Eyes_(www.hentairules.net)_(Japanese).zip” while download if you’d like. Also, it’s too large to upload on FileFactory :\ If only you people would finally tell me whether or not I can stop including the no sound effect versions ;~;

Wife no Saimin Healing, by MUSOU
(Hypnosis) (CV: Yuu Shimotsuki)

Requested by ElPalomalo.

This was a lot more arousing than I expected it to be. It’s rather short (20 minutes), so I went in assuming nothing would happen. Lo and behold there are multiple count downs (well, actually they’re ups since they start at one) used to heighten your arousal and get you closer and closer to orgasm. Too bad the ejaculation doesn’t have a count down/up or I might’ve actually had an orgasm. Pretty relaxing nonetheless, though. Also, there are no sound effects other than her panting. I’m fairly certain she’s supposed to be giving you a handjob while talking to you, though.

This also comes with a version WITHOUT the part where you’re supposed to be getting aroused and ejaculating. So you might be able to use it if you need help falling asleep.

Download the Free Hentai Audio in a Zip file
(30 MB, Erotic Version: 20 minutes and 8 seconds,
Non-erotic Version: 15 minutes and 46 seconds, Japanese)

Or you can also use the Alternative :
Zip Mirror #1 – or – Zip Mirror #2 – or – Zip Mirror #3 – or – Zip Mirror #4

Dream Teaser Demoness – Together with Pooka-chan, by Daretoku Saimin Seisakujo
(Hypnosis, Bestiality maybe?) (CV: A, Kinoko)

Requested by akitasaito.

So I actually listened to this a while ago… then forgot to post it. Whoopsies, sorry about that~

One of my favorite dōjin circles, toppled on with one of my favorite erotic seiyuus!? OH SHIT SON, MAH DICK IS ALREADY ROCK HARD.

Actually, I listened to this twice. Way back when it first came out back in like July, and again when I relistened to it for this review. But let me first give you my reactions from the first time, since I (mostly) remember them.

After seeing the fact that this was an A, Kinoko/Daretoku Saimin Seisakujo audio, I knew I had to listen to it. Then I saw it say “vore” so I was like “lolwut”. I asked around and got various responses. One guy said that means you eat your own cum and another said that means she eats you. I dunno lol.

You’re supposed to listen to either 4a (blowjob) or 4b (sex), not both at the same time.

When I relistened to it for this request, I only listened to the blowjob one (because the first time I fucked up and listened to both). My dick was so hard it was starting to hurt by the time I was supposed to ejaculate. When I had my orgasm (because I did have an orgasm), some ejaculate came out. Not a lot tho. Finished that up and then listened to the sex one after being awakened and masturbated to an orgasm so explosive I pulled a muscle in my fucking ankle. I don’t even know how that worked at all, but it happened. Ask Kudo from lolilolihunters if you don’t believe me, I couldn’t move off my bed to get cleaned up for like an hour so I was just talking to him on my phone in THMMY’s IRC with my clean hand the whole time D:

Has a version with sound effects and a version without sound effects. Also includes a bunch of images and the script.

Also, Daretoku Saimin Seisakujo recently made a new Phan Masaki hypnosis file. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD SOMEONE REQUEST IT SO I CAN LISTEN TO IT HNNNNNNG. I NEVER HAVE TIME TO LISTEN TO ANYTHING THAT ISN’T A REQUEST ;~; I do not have their most recent one (which came out on Valentine’s Day) yet.

Download the Free Hentai Audio in a Zip file
(157 MB, Both Versions About: 1 hour and 39 minutes, Japanese)

Or you can also use the Alternative :
Zip Mirror #1 – or – Zip Mirror #2 – or – Zip Mirror #3 – or – Zip Mirror #4

Imouto is Innocent at Any Age, by MooNSHINeR
(Loli) (CV: Nanako Igarashi)

Requested by Fern.

Holy shit, it’s Kyouko! As soon as I heard the voice my dick sprung up like a bat outta hell! Apparently your parents are AFK and your Imouto wants to learn some things school hasn’t taught her yet.

I couldn’t really tell what was going on in the first two recordings, though. I think she makes you take your pants off and you cum somehow. But I’m not sure if you’re jacking off or if she’s doing something to you. 3 might be mutual masturbation or she’s jerking you off, but again I dunno lol. You do cum inside her panties tho.

In track 4, after cleaning the cum stains out of her panties, she realizes she forgot to see what it tastes like! She must be prepared for the future! So she does the only logical thing to do, sucks your dick. You’re apparently into facials so you don’t cum in her mouth, but rather ON her mouth while it’s wide open and she begs for it. I wish I knew what was actually happening in track 5 as it’s pretty hot. It seems to involve your dick and her pussy, but no penetration. Maybe you’re rubbing her? I’m not sure what’s going on in track six either, but if I were to guess it’s to get her ready for 7. Cuz it’s finally time to use her lower mouth to suck you off. :3 If you’re on the sound effect version, you even hear her hymen break. That got me rock hard for some reason.

Track 8 seems to be a talk about practicing safe sex because I’m fairly certain I heard the word “condom”. This is probably brought on by the fact that you’re a retard and came inside your sister. Despite that, you’re back to cumming inside her for the remainder of this audio. Maybe you’re wearing a condom, but she does say “nakada”. Track 10 starts out as a blowjob but ends as a nakadashi once again. 12 just has one quick one at the start, the rest is her just talking.

This also came with loli CG images, but I can’t include them. Not even the DLSite image AGAIN. But it comes with the script and a version without sound effects, so yeah! If you want the images, just do what I said earlier. Also, apologizes, I didn’t notice DLsite spelled her name wrong and I don’t feel like reuploading this AGAIN (I forgot to remove the rori the first time)…

Download the Free Hentai Audio in a Zip file
(303 MB, Both Versions About: 1 hour and 41 minutes, Japanese)

Or you can also use the Alternative :
Zip Mirror #1 – or – Zip Mirror #2 – or – Zip Mirror #3 – or – Zip Mirror #4

Exploited By A Dominatrix Prostitute And I Love It, by human chair
(CV: Natsuki Nogami)

Requested by Dingo.

 First off:

>human chair.
>actually has an image instead of just “NO IMAGE”.


I’m not entirely sure what’s going on, even though she says “shiko shiko” and “onani”. I’m not certain whether she’s stroking you or you’re stroking yourself, but I opted for the second option and jerked off. There’s no orgasm until 50 seconds orso before the recording ends (during a blowjob), but I came twice before reaching that point. The ending blowjob and the swallowing of the ejaculate was so hot I ended up getting another boner despite cumming twice already. I’m serious. I had to go MASTURBATE again cuz it got me so hard.

Download the Free Hentai Audio in a Zip file
(27 MB, Erotic: 30 minutes and 15 seconds, Japanese)

Or you can also use the Alternative :
Zip Mirror #1 – or – Zip Mirror #2 – or – Zip Mirror #3 – or – Zip Mirror #4

Keywords (which may or may not be right, can someone who actually knows Japanese check them for me?):

sugoi = amazing (usually used in reference to the size of your penis or cum load, but may also be used during intercourse to describe how it feels)
kikuza = anus / asshole
denbu / ketsu / oshiri = ass / butt
kintama = balls / testicles
iki wo su / suikomu / sutte = breathe in
haite / iki wo haku / iki wo hakidasu / itte = breathe out
kuritori = clit / clitoris
(o)chinchin / chinko / chin(m)po = cock / dick / penis / etc
osujiru / sei / seieki / seishi / sa(a)men / zaamen = cum / ejaculate / semen / sperm (you get the fucking picture)
iku / shasei = cumming / ejaculating
akagai / akai uma / asoko / (o)manko = cunt / pussy / vagina
denki massaaji / shindouko / shindoushi / baibureetaa = electric massager / vibrator
kimochi ii = feels good
shiko shiko/onani = jerk(jack)ing off / masturbation / wanking
chu / kisu = kiss
paizuri = mammary intercourse / titty-fucking
nuide = naked / nude / undress
chikubi = nipples
ao-kan = outdoor fucking

If anyone knows of any more I should add, do tell.

You can find a lot more here.

Let me know if any of the downloads are broken. Sometimes the upload fails and I can’t tell without downloading it and checking, which is a bit difficult to do when you don’t have a premium account for each site you use.

Note: The unhyperlinked files are still uploading. Just give me ~24 hours.

And don’t forget to read the first and second comments!!!