First time I can safely correct a scanlator who's WRONG O_o

A Japanese house. The heroine is a young married wife, her husband is away for work during a week, and there’s this british young guy to whom she’s giving hosting, horny as a european with an azn fetish who just arrived in Japan. Adultery follows.

Graphically, this is pretty good, as expected from Coelacanth, however the white hole censorship left a bitter taste.
Scenario-wise, I don’t really care about adultery so it’s fine by me.
Enjoy ? :)
Credits and thanks are for Wistarius, Tivums and Amaimono, from Amai Little Thing :)

An important mention, though, I have the impression there’s a confusion in the end : “NTR” is mentioned and defined as « “netoru” : stealing someone’s lover ». Errr… wut ? First, NTR stands for “netorare”, and that means betraying the sexual partner AND crushing his feelings (cf this definition). NTR doesn’t mean “stealing somebody’s sexual partner”. Second, I thought that “stealing somebody’s sexual partner” was written “netori”, not “netoru”, could it be both ways ?
Oh well. Experts are welcome to comment on the two points that looked wrong to me, thanks if you’ll enlighten me :)

By the same artist, I also share the uncensored version of I Beg You, the uncensored version of Wish Upon A Shooting Star, and Hot Dog. And then I also share chapters from the Funky Glamorous tank by Coelacanth, the chapters 1-2, and other chapters from this manga in random order : Kimi Ga Iru Nara (Uncensored version), Mirai E No Kaerimichi (Uncensored version), Splash (Uncensored too), and The Truth Behind The Rumors (but the version I share is a translation based on magazine scans, not on tank scans like the other ones.)

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