Who did you wish to win, on your side ? ^^

Ohhhh, that was splendid, hilarious, hardcore, arousing, all of that at the same time, EXCELLENT ! :D
In short, the present manga shows a sex battle between a totally fuckable babe and a male fighter built with a “greek god” mould (except the dick, did you notice the small dicks on ancient statues ? The guy here used Rocco Siffredi’s personal mould). Really, this is hilarious and arousing at the same time, I STRONGLY recommend you that one :)

My hentai geek note, I retouched a lot this one, the pictures were regretablly in poor quality (vaguely colored, grainy, not “cut” correctly). I couldn’t do miracles (cutting the pictures would have been cool but would have taken 10 more minutes, spare me, I need to sleep at night :D ), I did my best to make them look more agreable to our eyes. There were more impressive examples (at least the present original didn’t almost look it was in sepia, unlike other pics), but that picture is so awesome it’d be a shame to miss it, have a before / after comparison :) I also retouched the cover, there were some faint losses (that’s why I left the original too), I think it also brought a good value added.

TL;DR : enjoy ! And thanks a LOT to Tigoris, from Tigoris Translates ! ^_^

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