That manga made me sad, there was true ambition, and yet it failed so hard :/

Frankly, this book isn’t exactly my cup of tea. Fighting heroines who always end up not powerful enough to fight villains/demons/mew2/enemies, and are punished with humiliating sex, with a bit of futanari, well, this is boring at best. The mangaka makes a REAL and serious effort at putting up a scenario, thus this is even more saddening to see how much of a failure it is.

But if YOU, you like it, heh, sure, have your way, just enjoy ^^ And thanks to Kizlan, Kudo and Ichizon for this release :)

In the beginning, I wanted to write a witty, sarcastic comment, to ask : how come all the fighting heroines are total cuties who attack enemies who are (a) stronger than them and (b) totally obsessed with rapist sex. But, look, let’s push the logic further, and it all makes sense : actually, there must be a lof of other heroines, but these other ones are suited for the job, meaning they’re tough, scarred, strongly muscular badasses, and they would never be eye-candy enough to be suited to appear in an hentai manga :lol:

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