Nobody would have thought exploration of Uranus would begin so fast

Hmmm… LustyLady00 calls this “dirty vanilla”, rightfully refusing to call this netorare. Me, I’d rather go for “imbecile tsundere”. What would YOU call it ?

This is the story of a cute girl wanting to know if she’s good-looking even around her most private parts, she needs reassurance before her first date with the senpai she loves. So, she calls her male childhood friend that she’s been bullying since the beginning. She can’t help blushing and being cute while showing skin and asking for appreciation, this encourages her male friend who proceeds to examining her closer and closer, until, well, you know.

My conviction is that the girl DID like him and unconciously gave him the push he needed, so that they’d be a pair at last. Either I’m wrong, either she’s really thick. What’s your take on this ?
Oh, and thanks a lot to LustyLady00, BlackRussian and Daffyd AP Morgen for the release ! :)

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